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Believe in yourself and others will too.

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Xpress Yourself | Every Voice Counts

Your B&B Active Membership comes with access to the Members Area - 'The Green Room' - which each of us can use to get to know who we are as a creative collective, while also getting to know each other as individuals. With personalized profile pages, this is where you have creative freedom to self Xpress, blog, acknowledge your work and/or accomplishments, and connect with other active members within the community. Here is also where you will want to include your creative background for fellow collaborators to discover the true inner you and what you are made of not only for future projects and recruitment, but to form lasting connections with like-minded individuals! The same type of moderation tools will apply to this feature as the Collaboration Station.

Please use this feature responsibly and respectfully. The Green Room is a really unique XpressNConnect Feature but not as creatively free as the SelfXpressN blog made available to you. Here you will have more creative freedom to really Xpress yourself when you post versus your profile status updates.


When visitors come to browse our collective and see what we are made of, they will not be able to access 'The Green Room' features unless they create a login... Ensure you make your profile "public". When you start connecting with other members, the option to go public will be given. This will allow other members to see you in 'The Green Room', otherwise you won't be able to fully take advantage of our collaborative features.

Your showcase portfolio helps build reporte - and we offer a beautiful layout FREE! This is how visitors that aren't members will be able to see what you are made of and all of your creative talents will be shared with the world to build the best brand out there... YOURSELF!

With our Xpress area we will be able to:

  • Add new posts, write comments, and like posts.

  • Join conversations and follow posts.

  • Upload media to personalize their page.

  • Be notified of any new activity in discussions we choose to 'follow'.

  • Utilize the chat feature to communicate with anyone here at B&B directly.

  • Includes active members and live chat support.

From all of us here at Bridges & Butterflies,

~YOU are beautiful, and YOU are loved.


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