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A: Here is a version for Mac OS X 10.5.x and lower. package com.adobe.FxPlugins; import com.adobe.FxPlugInHost; public class MacFxPlugInHost extends FxPlugInHost { @Override public void init(FxPluginHostFactory factory, PluginBundle bundle) { super.init(factory, bundle); } public void startup() super.startup(); public void shutdown() super.shutdown(); public void getEvent(FxEventObject obj) super.getEvent(obj); } Sunday, March 4, 2013 College and the Great Equalizer My dear friend and writing colleague Amy Brown was brave and generous enough to write a guest post for me on her blog, Bitter Tango, today. She writes about the impact of her studies in pre-med and writing on her life, the education she received in her mother's home as a child, and the role these factors have played in shaping her life. You'll find the post below the picture at the top of this page. Let me tell you a story. A few years ago, I was at a birthday party for a friend. He is an extremely successful, extremely brilliant businessman who doesn't appear to get too stressed out about anything. I was telling him about a paper I had written, the first I'd ever written for publication, and he responded with a look of disdain on his face. "Nobody gives a shit about your writing," he told me. "You're a writer. I don't think anyone gives a shit about writers. Go get a real job." This was a blow. I've written in various places about how nobody cares about writers; if you write a book, you'll have readers, but no one will buy it. If you're a novelist, you'll get crushes from agents and




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