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The Chicken... or the Egg?

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Here is where philosophy and ideas of the bigger picture can soar to new heights!

A way to get our brains flowings...

  • There will be a fresh set of topics monthly.

  • The one who receives the most likes on a single response within their selected active debate will receive a 'Milestone' rewards package. (Bronze, Silver, Gold, "Master Einsteinian")

  • Participation grants milestones as well.

  • You can participate in any topic as much as you want.

  • There is a suggestions topic if you want to submit requests for the future.

Make sure to select the topic you are actively debating to see the chain of discussion associated with that specific topic.


and most importantly - have fun!

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” ~Einstein
William Reid
Meredith Boswell

As someone who grew up Roman Catholic but always loved science, this has frequently been a topic of interest for me. People seem to think that the idea of evolution and the church can't go exist.... BUT THEY DO! The church believes in evolution! While science believes that natural selection favored certain traits over others, the church has stated that God put living things on the path to become humans made in his image. I'd love to get people's thoughts on this!

Nathan Ebikwo
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