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Bridges & Butterflies is More Than Your Usual Creative Agency

Heightening transformation into new beginnings, while building dreams into reality. We are a charity dedicated to igniting positive change through creative expression. Discover how you fit into our rapidly expanding creative community and take part in the action today, tomorrow, and beyond...



B&B: Pro Gallery

Original Psychological Thriller

An up-and-coming script meant to provoke a shift in perspective and to enhance spiritualism within us all. Reflecting on the darkness inside all of us; a dense script with horror undertones. Revolves around the two lives and afterlives of Giovanna Ryan and Evelyn Clarke (two unique opposites) and the ripple effect that stems from their wake. A twisted and thrilling symbolism of the world around us, inspiring new ways of thinking. Many themes are explored throughout their stories as well as the character 'Him' (a depiction of the devil himself).


Ongoing productions and workshops all throughout the year...

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Courtney Perna is an EMMY Award winning Lifestyle TV Host and Producer, working on-air and/or behind-the-scenes with networks like CBS, FOX, Fox Sports, E! Entertainment Television, MTV and more! She’s currently hosting a new talk show called “Brunch with Courtney Perna”. Look for on Roku and Apple+. She also works with businesses to add storytelling to their marketing and advertising campaigns. Courtney loves hiking around Las Vegas; shoe shopping; and cheering on her Michigan State Spartans! Fun Fact: Courtney is a former Las Vegas showgirl and Disney Princess/aerial-acrobat, too! 

Courtney Perna, 2023 Annual Showcase Emcee

Let's Connect!
Instagram: @CourtneyPerna

Facebook: @CourtneyPernaTV
LinkedIn: Courtney Perna

Annual Showcase Champion


Singer: Crystal Santos

Our 3rd Annual Talent Showcase #1 Most Voted for Talent

Crystal Santos is Bridges & Butterflies second ever winner of the Annual Winter Talent Showcase Competition. She will be returning to compete again next year in our 4th Annual Showcase for another chance to win the title. She is extremely humbled by her experience working with the charity and is excited to continue her journey here...

📸: @crys_nita


"I really enjoy learning about Calyn and her passion and how she helps others tap into their creativity. I'm a 10 year old aspiring singer, musical theatre actress, and model.  I live in Las Vegas and have been performing in kids Broadway shows, minor commercials and I will be in an upcoming film called LAX2Paris on Tubi.  I love music and singing is my passion. I wake up and sing, I sleep and sing, and I eat and sing! have been doing it since I was 3 years old and I currently work with Musicology to help me progress.  I find that music is what helps me focus and through my singing I hope people can enjoy their day. Thank you for the opportunity to perform for you and the judges. It was a pleasure to meet you all and for your training and support."



Teen Ensemble: The Pro Kids Holiday Vocal Troupe

Our 3rd Annual Showcase #2 Most Voted for Talent

First time participation in showcase...

📸: @leesacsolak_lbctalent


Aerialist: Amanda Jane

Our 3rd Annual Showcase #3 Most Voted for Talent

Previous Champion of 2nd Annual Showcase...

📸: @lyra_life

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We’re passionate about helping individuals and brands find their creative voice and make a living with uplifting vibes and positive energy galore. Founded in 2021, our one-stop Creative Agency aims to serve humanity in a changing omni-channel world and leverage individuals' unique strengths to build a creative community network of lasting change worldwide.


Helping creative minds XpressNConnect, we’re here to make yours and others lives easier however possible — talk to us about how we can help bring out the best you.


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Miranda Acred

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Since Dec. 10th, 2020
Austin, TX

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