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The Change | Official Teaser Trailer
The Change | Official Extended Trailer


An up-and-coming script meant to provoke a shift in perspective and to enhance spiritualism within us all. Reflecting on the darkness inside all of us; a dense script with horror undertones. Revolves around the two lives and afterlives of Giovanna Ryan and Evelyn Clarke (two unique opposites) and the ripple effect that stems from their wake. A twisted and thrilling symbolism of the world around us, inspiring new ways of thinking. Many themes are explored throughout their stories as well as the character 'Him' (a depiction of the devil himself).

Meet the Cast & Crew


Calyn Liberati

Director, Writer, Producer | Playing the role of "Eve 2"

A mother of two wonderful baby boys, Rowan and Griffin, Calyn has a dream to see a 'universal harmony' one day. Not only for them, but for all of humanity. And she doesn't intend on seeing this fail.  She will continue striving for all of her aspirations to come true, no matter how long it takes, as we ALL have the ability to be the change we seek, with patience and virtue. And Calyn's aspirations are to spread love, light and unity one voice at a time through the best way she knows how... creative expression.  This is how she came up with the concept behind 'Bridges & Butterflies' and how it all started. It was in her darkest hour, she grew the strength to pursue this career and help spark a bright and beaming light for not only herself, but others as well!

Calyn has been Michigan bound her whole life, and is more than eager to travel wherever Bridges & Butterflies' mission takes her and her family as the organization continues to flourish. Her ambition and drive as the founder of this charity is to ignite positive social change, leaving a lasting footprint for many generations to come.

And now... her original work comes to life debuting live on stage, as was always intended. Calyn's message behind such a powerful script sparks a wake up call towards a better tomorrow. An immersive experience meant to induce a certain level of evolutionary and innovative thought layered within a complex thriller full of broad contextual themes with an essence of timeless relevance all across the globe. Challenging our perception of not only society, but the world as a whole. Within those around us. And, most importantly... within ourselves.

A creative 360°, Calyn is well-rounded in all aspects of the arts, and hopes to spread all of her passionate knowledge learned and wisdom gained. Throughout her many life experiences, she has realized just how short life can be, how the simplicity of living can be taken for granted, and just how connected we ALL are to one another and the grander whole; whether we choose to recognize this or not. She strives to connect and awaken those inspired enough to listen; if even just for a brief moment; as with the butterfly effect... that's all it takes.

CurrentHeadshot2 (1).jpeg

Jervon Monroe

Playing the role of "Him" | The Ruler of Darkness

Jervon plays the eccentric mischievous ‘Him’. He is extremely grateful he joined B&B’s movement for change and creativity. As an African American, he finds it hard sometimes to find the right place that allows one’s voice/story to be heard without censorship. B&B’s mission to source mainly new works spoke to him, because he believes everyone deserves their moment to shine. With the role of Him, he feels like he has the chance to challenge the way things are. Dare you to question society and its constructs to the smallest atom. Small things that we tend to turn a blind eye to, all of it is in question while attending such a performance. The bluntness and playfulness, yet danger of Him is what truly caught his attention. When we tend to brush off warnings or how things are and think “I’d never do that,” or “there’s nothing I can do by myself,” or even ”it’s not my fault therefore not my problem;” all these thoughts (he himself included feels guilty of) and more reside in Him. If we as humans stay stationary in the times we are in right now, then that’s just as bad as going backwards. 

With ‘The Change’, he believes we are trying to ignite a spark within all of us: audience and cast alike. To not settle and strive for better everyday, but that’ll only happen if we’re okay with change. Not comfortable, just okay with it as the bare minimum. Heck, even if we’re not that’s okay, but you must seek out why open-mindedly or else mistrust and pain will always follow. Life may be a “series of choices,” or it may be “fate!” But regardless of whatever it is, you have an impact on this Earth. He believes ‘The Change’ is asking what changes will you bring? He hopes this play will make us all question how much power we truly have, and how the smallest change can truly make a difference.

He wishes to thank his strong parents, his awesome cast, and his amazing director, writer, producer, Calyn Liberati, for pushing him outside his comfort zone and demanding nothing less but his best. Now...”Let the Games...begin..”



Playing the role of "Giovanna Ryan"

Maiken Poulsen was born and raised in Aabybro - a small town in the northern part of Denmark, Scandinavia. She is a classically trained actress and has played roles from Shakespeare to Tennessee Williams. She moved to Los Angeles in 2018 to pursue acting and has been there ever since. She Graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2020. She has worked both on stage and in film. Some of her favorites performances were “Uncommon Women and Others”, “The Wolves” and “The Change”. Her new feature film “The Morning After” is premiering right now. She also has another feature film coming out at the beginning of next year . 

She enjoys writing and painting as well. It is this constant need to be creative. To her, acting is the best job in the world. As actors we get to travel across the world, across decades and generations all through the lives of our characters. We get to experience things we would never have had the opportunity to otherwise. Traveling is also a huge part of who she is. She loves exploring new places, learning about different cultures and histories. She loves to be inspired by people and their stories.

She is proud to be a part of this amazing movement and the show “The Change”. Together we can create the positive changes we want to see in this world. Her character Giovanna Ryan is a very special one. A fragile vulnerable soul who got lost in a big loud world. Her character and the show in general is a reminder to live our lives right here, right now because you never know what is going to happen. She hopes this show and The Bridges and Butterflies movement can help break the social stigma of what we are supposed to say and supposed to be like both for ourselves and the generations to follow.



Playing the role of "Evelyn Clarke"

Megan is an executive board member of Bridges and Butterflies and participated in the successful debut of "The Change" in 2021. Through the charity, she performed in "Brother’s Grimm Spectaculathon" as Snow White and was a judge on its Annual Talent Showcase competition earlier this year. She is more than excited to perform such a complex role live on stage in Grand Rapids, MI.


Alexandra Recknagel

Playing the role of "Gio 2"

Alexandra Recknagel is a Russian-American actress from Prague, Czechia. After completing a degree in filmmaking, she received classical theatre training at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and Stella Adler Studio of Acting. Upon graduating New York’s American Academy of Dramatic Arts this year, her credits include Off-Off Broadway, regional theatre, and independent film.


Patrick Feeney

Playing the role of "Emery Delluci"

Patrick, originally hailing from New York City, is thrilled to be a part of the world stage debut of 'The Change', an intense and thought provoking thriller. After having attended the conservatory at the New York Film Academy (NYFA) and appearing in many independent films overseas, as well in NYC, Patrick is currently enrolled in Strasberg’s two-year conservatory program to learn the art and craft of Method Acting. He wants to send much love and a huge “thank you!” to the brilliant cast of 'The Change'; to the playwright and director, Calyn Liberati; to the entire production team; to his NYFA and Strasberg teachers for their superb guidance, wisdom, and encouragement; and most of all to his family, without whom the pursuit of his passion and dreams would not be possible.


Bernie Mabois

Playing the role of "Noah Ryan" | The Godsend Light

Bernie is an American actor of French and Haitian descent; born in Somerville, Massachusetts. He began having inspirations for acting after watching several of his favorite childhood shows (such as "Full House," "The Famous Jett Jackson," "Sister, Sister," and "In Living Color"). His english literature teachers from his final years in High School, motivated him giving him his first push; and love for stories. After several years of playing sports (which brought him to the University of West Florida), his long-time curiosity for acting enabled him to leave junior year, to pursue it.

To Bernie, Noah is special; a unique character who sheds light in a pool of darkness. With a positive mindset Noah goes through a tough period after finding out news about his sister. He could give up on life, and instead finds reasons to stand strong and keeps hold to his faith; this was how his character spoke to him. Bernie sees 'The Change' a dark story that takes you on a thrill ride through life; how just one decision can cause a lost opportunity with the ones you love. He hopes when people watch, they’re extremely moved by the story; and want to come back again and again!

Eastin Kandt_Headshot.jpg


Playing the role of "Bones"

Eastin Kandt is excited to make her debut on the Bridges & Butterflies stage. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, but has acted in 4 different states over the last 15 years. A devout Christian, she was inspired by the truths found in this play, namely the devastation that sin of all sizes brings as well as the protection that comes from God when we turn to him with hope.

Headshot - MPannebaker.jpg

Madison Pannebaker

Assistant Director, Production Assistant, & Intern

Madison Pannebaker has been a productive member of Bridges and Butterflies since January, 2023. She was a Production Assistant for our Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon and Third Annual Talent Show virtual productions where her roles consisted of framework, script supervising, and stage management. Madison will be continuing these roles for our virtual relaunch of The Change in addition to being an Assistant Director. She will become an official B&B Board Member after she completes her internship with us in December!



Stage Manager & Production Assistant

Tina Deshane has been married to the love of her life for 17 years, he is her best friend and they have a 13 (almost 14) year old daughter who they  homeschool. She loves her Lord Jesus Christ who is her Savior, and believes He is the only way and truth and life. She also loves hanging out with her family, playing board games and card games, watching movies  and TV, traveling to places she's already been, and going to karaoke (even though she says she can't sing that well…lol). 

Tina minored in theater arts back in college and was a backstage person and light board operator for those shows. She has also written and directed a few plays and has recently in the last few years started to stage manage which she really enjoys. She is excited for this new opportunity to work with Bridges and Butterflies on the show The Change as the Stage Manager.

New Headshot.jpg

Christian Valera

charity Digital Editor

Christian Valera is a film enthusiast and versatile artist, blending book smarts acquired at Penn State with invaluable street smarts from years on film sets. Equally comfortable behind and in front of the camera, he infuses passion into every role. As a trusted editor, his portfolio includes captivating shorts on YouTube and collaborations with Reading Film Studios, transforming visions into cinematic reality. Always committed, he thrives in the collaborative spirit of film sets, where his dedication ensures that every moment counts.

A special thanks to Wealthy Theatre's advanced technical team!

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