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Priceless Perks

All the benefits at no extra cost to you.
Freedom to 'Opt-Out' at Anytime

Join Us: Features

Potential to Earn a Living by Harnessing Your Unique You

Who thought it could pay to be yourself? Guiding you to your best possible self. Helping you achieve your true inspirations and dreams without limits or labels. Setting achievable goals, and reaching them no matter how long it takes. Because in the grand scheme of things, time is irrelevant but YOU ARE!

Equal Opportunity to See Your Original Creative Works Published & Produced

Ability to submit creative works can include personal catered services, products, content, and/or CV, as well as special granted permissions for publishing and producing within our online creative network in relation to your areas of interest and what drives you. Includes potential to be showcased and spotlighted on the website on ‘Our Family’ page.

Publishing House
Business Growth

Opportunities for Growth as a Community Member

Vast learning experiences whether working remotely and/or hands-on! Experience required for those looking for leadership roles and/or focus driven roles can be acquired within involvement as a member.

Award-Winning Recognition*

Active involvement will be acknowledged regardless of where, when or how you decide to take part in our collaborative. *Specific awards and/or recognitions tailored to an elected individual.

Gaming Tournament Winner

Mutual Support with a Trending Movement Full of Positive Vibes Galore!

Ability to influence change throughout the entire world with a wide variety of other team members actively supporting each other. A place to connect, collaborate and create together while forming lasting connections. A family of collaborators. Whatever your ideas are, we want to hear them! A judgement free zone. B&B will not discriminate based on race, color, creed, or national origin. Equity for all!

Earn 'Milestones' & Redeem #payitforward

The more you do... The more we see... Unlimited potential to earn 'milestones' for leaving a lasting footprint by contributing in many unique and creative ways. Redeemable for a multitude of things throughout one's creative journey with us, especially discounts. A collaborative pay-it-forward system for helping make the world a better place.

Footprints on Sand
Live show

Receive Live Updates & Discounts for ALL Events, Productions & Projects*

Includes personal invites to ALL productions, auditions, and/or events to take part in, as well as occasional membership discounts on services and products. *Can be catered to what drives you.

Ability to Help Sustain Our Planet While Being Environmentally Safe

Earn 'milestones' for 'Xpressing' ways you actively go green. Together we learn. Applying our knowledge. Actively gaining wisdom. In efforts to establish a better tomorrow and a healthier future. Without nature we wouldn't be here... we must learn to respect it for all its' wonders to the best of our ability and help it flourish along with humanity.

Sunset in the Nature
Black Soil

100% Dirt Free*

As stated above, active membership is 100% free for a lifetime with freedom to opt-out at anytime. In addition, as an active member, you are never obligated to participate in anything; and it is never expected of you. We simply extend opportunities, whether you choose to involve yourself is always up to you and at your 100% sole discretion.

*Paid subscriptions and/or perks will be made available to help spruce things up.

You DO NOT need to be a member to participate in our events. No prior experience is necessary for enrollment. Active membership DOES NOT guarantee you will be casted in a B&B production.

Pour in More Uplifting Vibes

For ALL individuals seeking ongoing involvement in helping
provoke and inspire positive change through creative expression.

Discover how you fit in!

Welcoming new members with open arms!

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*If you are a minor 13 years of age or younger, your parent must apply for you.
All further correspondence will need to be done by them on your behalf.

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