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Who We Are

Innovative Solutions | Creative Discoveries

With the launch of B&B v2.0 we as a collaborative will begin helping individuals and brands develop and define their creative voice while igniting positivity worldwide. The times may have changed, but our love for all ounces of creativity and problem-solving hasn't. We’re driven by technology and innovation to ensure we fulfill our key mission of helping change the world, while also helping ambitious minds find their successful future. Get in touch so that we can kickstart your unique you. Leaving lasting footprints has never been made so easy. Whether you are in need of our creative minds or are wanting to become part of our rapidly growing family...

We are here. And we want YOU to be part of our trending movement!


All Shapes & Sizes

Versatile creative journey with vast experiences and possibilities.

Creative Minds Galore

Whose this include?

Actors, Performers, Directors, Playwrights, Authors, Designers, Craftsmen, Artists, Singers, Writers, Philosophers, Scientists, Teachers, Comedians, Spokesmen, Chefs, photographers, and anyone else who wants to share and be a part of our works that wasn't mentioned above. If you got creative juices flowing through you, apply today.

Dancing Hands

Creative Works 'Adorer'

Events and/or projects of all shapes and sizes...

Recorded & live performances via streaming with most auditions done virtually until further notice. However, local opportunities will begin to emerge as we spread word of our movement.

Any filming/performances are done according to our rules of health and safety to ensure a virus-free atmosphere.


Nonprofit Public Charity

Building our community from the ground up since 8/20/2020 - all resources are to help develop our main purpose and mission, to help save humanity; wherever and whenever we can. Paying it forward to each individual, with patience and virtue. In faith of a brighter tomorrow, actively being the change we seek. In this time of darkness we can help each other find the light. Helping to build security, protection, stability, foundation, and connections to others.

About Us: About
World Peace

As of today we have nearly 200 active members!

You could be the next to #payitforward...

Our Mission

Our goal as a full-service Creative Agency and Community Network is to apply our passionate thinkers and creative family to work closely with each brand and/or individual to create unique, creative strategies and/or projects that produce effective results and stay true to the Bridges & Butterflies mission as a nonprofit of helping shape a better future for all.

Building from the ground up since August 2020. Bridges & Butterflies, Inc. has been working on our debut collaborative virtual theatre debut of 'The Change'. Presenting to the world our one-of-a-kind message to spark others to present theirs. We were born out of a strong desire to provide individuals and brands with the quality creative services they need in order to stay ahead - while focusing our mindset on the glass half full - not half empty! We won’t rest until we achieve these results — no matter which creative outlet passions lay, we are here to help the world and help YOU.

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...Gifts & Donations
...Stories & Poetry
...Music & Lyrics
...Play scripts

...Live Theatre
...Film & T.V.
...Lessons & How-To’s
...Paintings & Drawings
...Podcasts & Videos
...Graphic Design
...Logic & Philosophy
...Debate & Theory
...Discussions & Blogs


Linking mental, spiritual and physical inspirations
through collective consciousness.

Innovatively building dreams into reality.

Discovering new ways of living.

A trusted brand centered on “Us” not “I”.

A place to spread our creative wings and fly.

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