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Cover-Me-Up to Sing a Little Sing!

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Do you like to sing?

Do you like to show off your talents?

How about making an awesome cover performance?

Than this... is... for.... YOU!

Here there will be song covers of the week.

  • Make sure to select the proper 'topic' for the week.

  • Members will get to each post their version of the selected popular song/show tune/etc.

  • See shifts in perspective by also seeing others' interpretations.

  • DON'T LIMIT YOURSELVES! If you are not a singer, DON'T FRET!

  • Just be clever and 'creative' (that is why we're here right?)

  • Come up with something different and fun while using the song as your script!

  • A new song will be selected each week for a new round.

  • The members who receives the most interactions will earn a 'Milestones' reward package. (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and 'Master of Covers")

  • If you have suggestions for songs you'd like to see, theres a topic for that too! Let us know!

Have fun, and sing on!

To get us started right, we picked a fun Disney tune!


🎼"How Far I'll Go" -Moana

Round close date: Sunday, September 5th @ 11:59 PM EST

  • William Reid

    The Scoop

    Do you like to sing? Do you like to show off your talents? ...

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