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Our Family At a Glance

Creative Minds | Beautiful Souls | Change Seekers

Our family page is still in major development. All active members will not be shown on our family tree gallery below until completed. The active members list is not up-to-date as we now have 100+ active members. Thank you for your patience as we integrate into our all new v2.0.


Miranda Acred

Active Member
Since Dec. 10th, 2020
Austin, TX

Emma Basques

Junior Active Member
Since Dec. 21, 2020
Portland, OR

Edward Brence

Active Member
Since Dec. 17th, 2020
Brooklyn, NY

Julie Ann Desloover

Active Member
Since Feb. 18th, 2021
Grand Rapids, MI

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Kylynn Frontz BW_edited.jpg

Ky-lynn Frontz

Junior Active Member
Since Dec. 11th, 2021
Mansfield, OH

Xiaowan Jin

Junior Active Member
Since Dec. 13th, 2020
Irvine, CA

Celeste Rodriguez

Active Member
Since Dec. 27th, 2020
McAllen, TX

Rishika Singh

Junior Active Member
Since Dec. 24th, 2020
Los Angeles, CA

IMG_3164 (2)BW_edited.jpg

Jean Vavra

Active Member
Since Dec. 10th, 2020
San Diego, CA

Sofie Williams

Active Member
Since Dec. 18th, 2020
Athens, GA

William Reid

Active Member
Since Dec. 27th, 2020
Philadelphia, PA

Calyn Liberati

Fdr, CEO, CMO & CD
Active Since Aug. 20th, 2020
Grand Rapids, MI

Bisha Headshot BW_edited_edited.jpg
Dani BW Cropped_edited.jpg
NicCole BW_edited.jpg

Megan Bruno

COO & Board Member
Active Since Jun. 8th, 2021
Yonkers, NY

Bisha Romanov

Marketing Manager, DOP & VP
Active Since Jul. 30th, 2021
Calgary, AB, Canada

Dani Montpetit

CFO & Treasurer
Active Since Sept. 14th, 2021
Brooklyn, NY

My Showcase

Elizabeth Unaeze

Active Since May 3rd, 2021
Pearland, TX

My Showcase
Stage Lighting Setup

Our Leaders

Going the Distance | Lasting Efforts | Leading by Example

The team at Bridges & Butterflies, Inc. are some of the most gifted, creative and downright quirky individuals out there. Our work continually receives attention from all the right places, and it’s all thanks to them. They strive to be the change they seek, continuing to #payitforward helping us flourish.


Calyn Liberati

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Marketing Officer
Creative Director

Active Member Since August 22nd, 2020
From Grand Rapids, MI (USA)

Megan Bruno

Chief Operations Officer
Board Member

Active Member Since June 8th, 2021
From Yonkers, NY (USA)

Bisha Headshot BW_edited_edited.jpg

Bisha Romanov

Director of Partnerships
Marketing Manager
Vice President

Active Member Since August 3rd, 2021
From Calgary, AB (CAN)

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Danielle Montpetit

Chief Financial Officer

Active Member Since September 13th, 2021
From Brooklyn, NY (USA)

Dani BW Cropped_edited.jpg
NicCole BW_edited.jpg

Elizabeth Unaeze


Active Member Since May 2rd, 2021
From Pearland, TX (USA)

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Pebbles on the Sand
Love Yourself
Love Viewing Bridge Venice
Love Projector Portrait
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Active Members

Members who joined since the launch of our Beta v2.0 need to be added.

Miranda Acred | December, 2020
Isaac Alford | December, 2020
Bryan Applegate | January, 2021
Sabrina Barnes | December, 2020
Emma Basques | December, 2020
Ellen Black | January, 2021
Katherine Black | December, 2020
Edward Brence | December, 2020
Megan Bruno | June, 2021
Delilah Bush | December, 2020
Ben Capps | December, 2020
John Clarke | January, 2021
Lilly Clark | December, 2020
Julie Ann Desloover | February, 2021
Asya (Dawn) Engüdar | December, 2020
Victoria Gabrielle | December, 2020
Isabella Galvez | January, 2021
Eric Haddad | December, 2020
Sam Hendrian | December, 2020
Rachael Iczkowski | December, 2020
Xiaowan Jin | December, 2020
Austyn Jones | February, 2021
John Kane | December, 2020
Alicia Kaplan | December, 2020
Adam Kareem | December, 2020
Sadie Kawaykla | January, 2021
Kaitlyn Ketsdever | March, 2021
Kayden Kurgat | December, 2020
Calyn Liberati | August, 2020
Jo'El Liberati | December, 2020
Tammy Lynn | July, 2021
Brittaney Martin | February, 2021
Stuart Maxheimer | December, 2020
Rowan McKenna | January, 2021
Peter Mendes | January, 2021
Makayla Misier | January, 2021
Chloe Nore | December, 2020
Claudia Pantani | January, 2021
Peyton Pellerin | December, 2020
Maiken Poulsen | June, 2021
Krystan Purham | December, 2020
Katya Ravie | January, 2021
William Reid | December, 2020
Celeste Rodriguez | December, 2020
Romina Rodriguez | December, 2020
Rishika Singh | December, 2020
Eleanor Smith | December, 2020
Linly Stowe | January, 2021
Jean Vavra | December, 2020
Chavonti Williams | December, 2020
Sofie Williams | December, 2020


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